Title IX

In the last few years colleges and universities have become aggressive in their prosecution of cases that involve gender discrimination and sexual misconduct. Because of this, the procedures in place are not always fair or transparent to the accused.

Scully & Lagos can help students or faculty accused in Title IX cases navigate the often confusing procedures the schools have laid out. These cases are serious and can have life altering consequences for the accused and because of that we believe that they deserve a vigorous defense.

Attorney Lagos is a skilled advocate in matters involving allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. Whether these issues arise in the workplace, on a college campus triggering Title IX proceedings, or elsewhere, Attorney Lagos has successfully represented both victims and the accused at a number of major Universities around Boston as well as in public schools across greater Boston.

If you have been accused in a case involving a Title IX, don’t hesitate to call (617) 307-5056 to discuss your case.

“Someone very close to me was wrongly accused of sexual misconduct (Title IX) at his NE college. Thankfully, I found Claudia Lagos and referred the situation to her. It was one on the best decisions I have ever made. From the moment we met her, we were impressed and more confident in a fair outcome. She is thorough, thoughtful, and most intelligent. With Claudia providing excellent representation throughout the process, the wrongfully accused individual was found not responsible, with no discipline whatsoever resulting. He had so much to lose. We will be eternally grateful for Claudia. She went above and beyond what any other lawyer would do as far as preparation and communicating with us. Her skills and instincts are truly remarkable. If you or anyone close to you ever finds themselves in one of these infamous (Title IX) nightmares, do the accused a huge favor and call Claudia. There is no replacement for her high levels of experience, skill, and intelligence in these hugely important matters!”

Testimonial from Client
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