Client Testimonials

Scully & Lagos is a Boston based criminal defense law firm, committed to providing unparalleled counsel and advocacy from our first meeting with you through trial. We defend clients in federal and state courts throughout Massachusetts, in cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder. Our lawyers are experienced, aggressive, and talented, with a track record of success that is second to none.

We are passionate about standing up for your rights. Outside of the courtroom, we will fight your case through skilled research, thorough investigation, and exhaustive preparation. Inside the courtroom, we will provide you with respected, determined and decisive representation.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

Above and Beyond in Title IX Case

“Someone very close to me was wrongly accused of sexual misconduct (Title IX) at his NE college. Thankfully, I found Claudia Lagos and referred the situation to her. It was one on the best decisions I have ever made. From the moment we met her, we were impressed and more confident in a fair outcome. She is thorough, thoughtful, and most intelligent. With Claudia providing excellent representation throughout the process, the wrongfully accused individual was found not responsible, with no discipline whatsoever resulting. He had so much to lose. We will be eternally grateful for Claudia. She went above and beyond what any other lawyer would do as far as preparation and communicating with us. Her skills and instincts are truly remarkable. If you or anyone close to you ever finds themselves in one of these infamous (Title IX) nightmares, do the accused a huge favor and call Claudia. There is no replacement for her high levels of experience, skill, and intelligence in these hugely important matters!”

A True Legal Professional

“Atty. Scully is a true legal professional. He is an excellent listener, and really made me feel like I was being represented by someone who understood the nuances of my case as well as I did. He also explained the details around my case, our legal system, and the laws in play, so that I didn’t feel as much like I was ‘flying blind.’ This consultative style of Atty. Scully’s really allowed me to feel informed enough to have confidence in him, his abilities and our ability to work as a team to navigate the court process together. We won the case — though after getting to know Liam, it was no surprise. He’s a pro! I appreciated his help so much, that I have called him back since that initial case, just for advice, which he is happy to give. If ever I need a lawyer again, Liam will be my first choice.”

Best Of The Best

“Claudia Lagos is by far the best attorney I have ever had the privilege of working with. Unfortunately my circumstances have forced me to be in contact with many attorneys, and Claudia’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the law, professionalism, and courtesy make her the best of the best. Claudia fought hard to resolve my situation, using her broad spectrum of knowledge to eliminate unnecessary elements of my case, and the outcome was far better than I could have possibly expected. If you are looking for a lawyer in the Boston area, call Claudia first, I promise it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. It certainly was for me.”

Professional, Reliable and Respected

“Liam, was ever professional, clear concise and knew his stuff. He works well with others and is very highly respected by the court system. Have no hesitation recommending Liam or his team at all.”

On Top of Her Game

“I was immediately impressed but her attentiveness and responsiveness as she handled my case. She is quick to demonstrate her knowledge of how to get results, and maintains great communication throughout the process. I could not have resolved my case without her! ”

Best Decision of my Life

“After a DUI arrest I called an attorney friend of mine for help. He strongly recommended that I call Liam Scully and it was the best advice I could have gotten! From our initial meeting Liam was professional , courteous , and knowledgable in advising me on what my options were and how to proceed. After reviewing the arrest report and the facts of the case Mr. Scully recommended we go to trial but made clear it was my decision. Six months later I was found not guilty and my license was reinstated. I would recommend Liam Scully to anyone in need of counsel.”

Boston’s Claudia Lagos, a Current and Rising Star in the Criminal Defense Arena

“Ms. Lagos is, by far, one of the best attorneys I have ever met, nationally and internationally. Ms. Lagos has proven herself incomparable in terms of her legal knowledge, inclusion of those she represents in the planning of defense strategies, professional self- confidence and professional energy. Persistent and thorough, it became evident to me very quickly that Ms. Lagos applies herself wholeheartedly and with great skill to each and every case and client. For legal defense issues in the Boston area, I cannot recommend anyone more strongly than I can Ms. Lagos.”

Great Person, Great Attorney, Great Outcome!

“Finding attorney Liam Scully was my lucky day! He represented me in a mail-fraud case. I was scared, alone, and facing a huge law suit that I didn’t fully understand. Liam was down to earth and made me feel comfortable. He never judged me for the situation I was in and always treated me with understanding and respect. He was very patient and taught me everything I needed to know about my case. He gave me outstanding legal advice and empowered me to make important decisions – decisions that were going to have a major impact on my life. That legal situation was by far the scariest and most challenging thing I have ever had to face in my life. I will be forever grateful that Liam was there to help me through it. He really knows what he is doing. And oh ya… we won by a landslide! It doesn’t get much better than that!!!”

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