In Massachusetts, Robbery is a life felony, meaning a person convicted of robbery could be sentenced up to life in prison, or to any term of years up to life.  Masked robbery and robbery with a firearm also carry a five year mandatory minimum sentence. 

The lawyers at Scully & Lagos have successfully defended clients charged with Robbery in courts throughout Massachusetts and possess the skill and experience that are essential in defending cases with such high stakes.

Below is a survey of recent cases successfully defended 


Commonwealth v. John Doe, PLCR1008-338

Client was suspected of robbing a convenience store in his hometown. He confessed on videotape to the crime. However, I won a motion to suppress his confession, excluding that evidence from trial. The prosecutor could not prove the case so it was dismissed.


Commonwealth v. John Doe, WOCR2003-00188

In this case, client was charged with robbing a gas station at knifepoint. The jury acquitted the defendant based on a defense of mistaken identification. Had he been convicted, the judge on the case would have likely imposed a sentence of 20 years.

Armed Assault To Rob: DISMISSED
Assault Dangerous Weapon: DISMISSED

Commonwealth v. John Doe, 1321CR1253

Client was charged with a armed assault to rob and assault with a dangerous weapon in the Marlborough District Court. According to the police, client was the driver in attempted robbery of a convenience store. At the outset of the case, client was facing a very realistic possibility of 5 or more years in prison, even though she had virtually no record. Lengthy negotiations with the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office resulted in a favorable plea agreement with client pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges and receiving probation instead of jail time. Since then, client has successfully completed probation and the case is now closed.

In Massachusetts, robbery is a very serious offense and by statute the penalties, if found guilty, are severe. Robbery charges fall into two distinct categories:

  • Robbery – the taking of the victim’s property through the use of fear, force, or violence, but while unarmed
  • Armed Robbery – the taking of the victim’s property while armed with anything that could cause serious injury or death, such as:
    • Gun
    • Knife
    • Any heavy object, i.e. a pipe, baseball bat, or a piece of wood

If the jury finds you guilty of robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, you could face anywhere from five years to imprisonment for life. Committing a robbery while disguised (such as wearing a mask), usually carries a minimum of five years in prison if this is your first offense.

The Commonwealth aggressively prosecutes violent charges. This is why it is imperative that should you be charged or arrested on robbery charges in the Boston, MA area, that you hire a well-qualified, criminal defense attorney such as Attorney Liam D. Scully as soon as possible. In court, the Commonwealth must prove the following in order for the jury to find you guilty of robbery:

  • That you assaulted the victim
  • That you took money or property that belonged to the victim or that the victim was responsible for
  • For armed robbery charges, the Commonwealth was also prove that you were armed with a deadly weapon

It will not matter if the gun in your possession was unloaded or even a toy gun. All that matters is that the victim believed that he or she was in danger from the weapon.

You will need an attorney who can and will aggressively defend you in court. Your attorney needs to be aware of what evidence the District Attorney can and will use against you and what methods he can use to counteract that evidence. Attorney Scully is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and the Massachusetts Bar Association. His 15 years of criminal defense experience allows him to provide his clients with the best possible defense. His vast knowledge the criminal and motor vehicle laws in Massachusetts allows him to isolate the evidence necessary to obtain the best possible result for his clients.

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