Scully & Lagos is a successful and experienced Boston criminal defense law firm that has an impressive history of zealously defending clients charged in federal and state courts throughout Massachusetts. Experts in the art of persuasion, our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases and represented people from every walk of life. Whether your goal is to avoid indictment, negotiate an optimal plea agreement, or go to trial, the attorneys will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best possible result in your case.  Click here for a survey of actual cases we have successfully defended.

The lawyers at Scully & Lagos are highly skilled in the area of drunk driving defense. We have won numerous DUI cases in courts throughout Massachusetts for clients facing first offenses as well as alleged repeat offenders. Click here for a sample of recent cases our firm has successfully defended in Massachusetts courts.

Scully & Lagos practice law at the top tier of criminal defense lawyers in Boston and are consistently rated as Super Lawyers in recognition of their success. If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, you need lawyers you can trust, trial attorneys who will listen to what you say, and who will defend you no matter what the circumstances. If you have been arrested or think you are under investigation by law enforcement, don’t wait,¬†contact Scully & Lagos¬†today at (617) 307-5056 for a consultation with our experienced attorneys.

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Scully & Lagos es un bufete de abogados de defensa criminal en Boston.

Attorney Claudia Lagos

Claudia Lagos is a rising star in Massachusetts criminal defense. She has successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of crimes including, but not limited to, drug transactions, hate crimes, failure to register as a sex offender, sex for fee, operating under the influence, various motor vehicle offenses, larceny, fraud, assault and battery, violations of restraining orders, and embezzlement. Attorney Lagos has consistently delivered the best results for her clients throughout every stage of her representation: from investigations, to clerk’s magistrate hearings, to trials, to probation hearings, to appeals and other post-conviction remedies.

In addition to criminal defense work, Attorney Lagos is a skilled advocate in matters involving allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. Whether these issues arise in the workplace, on a college campus triggering Title IX proceedings, or elsewhere, Attorney Lagos has successfully represented both victims and the accused.

Click here for a list of actual cases successfully defended by Attorney Lagos

Prior to joining Scully & Lagos, Attorney Lagos worked at the Committee for Public Counsel Services, where she defended indigent clients accused of crimes in Massachusetts.

Attorney Lagos graduated from Boston College Law School, in Newton, MA, in 2011, during which she worked at the New Hampshire Public Defender and Greater Boston Legal Services, where she specialized in the intersection of immigration and criminal law. At Boston College Law School, Attorney Lagos won the competitive award for Best Oralist due to her excellence in the school’s National Mock Trial Team.

Attorney Lagos graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with honors in 2008.

She is also fluent in Spanish.

Attorney Liam D. Scully

Over the past 26 years Attorney Liam Scully has emerged as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Massachusetts. He earned this reputation the old fashioned way: winning one case at a time. He only practices criminal defense. He has won over one hundred acquittals for clients charged with all ranges of cases, from misdemeanors to major felonies. He has won dismissals in hundreds of other cases. There is hardly a crime that can be charged that he has not won at some point in his career: murder, robbery, rape, fraud, theft, drug trafficking, illegal firearms, assaults and batteries.

Click here for a list of actual cases successfully defended by Attorney Scully.

Attorney Scully has been successfully defending murder trials throughout his career.  These cases are unquestionably the most difficult and high stakes cases any defense lawyer can take on.  His track record in this area is impressive and includes numerous Not Guilty Verdicts.  

Click here for a list of murder cases successfully defended by Attorney Scully

One of his specialties is defending drunk driving cases and he has won numerous trials for alleged first, second, third and fourth time offenders.

Click here for a list of drunk driving cases successfully defended by Attorney Scully

Attorney Scully graduated cum laude from Suffolk University Law School, in Boston, MA in 1997. Suffolk Law is known for producing trial lawyers and Attorney Scully stood out in his class. He was invited to write and edit for the school’s prestigious Law Review and published several articles on Criminal Law: Discovery in Selective Prosecution Cases, and Criminal Trade Secret Violations. His success in the classroom back then is the foundation for his success in the courtroom now.

After graduating from Suffolk Law, Attorney Scully was one of a small and hand-picked group of young lawyers who clerked for the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court. As a Law Clerk, he assisted Justices throughout the state as they adjudicated criminal cases.

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