Restraining Orders

It’s a shame if this sounds familiar:  Your spouse or now ex significant other decides they want out.  The next thing you know, you are being falsely accused of an assault, a restraining order is being applied for and you are on your way to being thrown out of your own home and denied the right to see your own children. 

This nightmare happens every day in Courts throughout Massachusetts.  The police can’t stop it even if they wanted to.  Many of the so-called complaining witnesses know exactly how to manipulate the system.  And in case they don’t, when they get to court they are likely to be greeted by a  “victim witness advocate” who will help them figure out exactly what to say to get what they want. The worst part is that even good judges are afraid not to issue restraining orders in many cases where none should be issued.  It seems everyone in the system is afraid to stand up to these cases. However, winning these cases is not impossible- it just takes the right combination of experience and skill. And one other key ingredient- an appetite for the fight.

At Scully & Lagos we have successfully defended hundreds of Restraining Order cases for our clients over the years and have a track record of getting them denied, shortened, and vacated. The restraining order process in this state can be a vicious trap.  Let us help you avoid it.

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